Thursday, February 10, 2011

Business Cards

I'm starting to learn that one of the best ways to promote your business is through good old fashioned word of mouth... and what better way than business cards to help potential clients contact you?

I made these air mail design business cards myself.

After cutting out 100 of these, I started to realize why people pay to have this done... but I'm way too picky to let anyone else do it.

Now... for the presentation. After putting this much time and effort into these cards, I couldn't just carry them around in any old business card case. I was given this card holder as a Christmas gift and I absolutely love it. 

This was designed by Sarah Jane Hassler. Check out her website for more gorgeous accessories and jewelry!


  1. oh!! i love all things airmail! these are so amazing!!!
    and...i love your blog...

  2. Thanks so much, Michelle... and thanks for visiting!

  3. Amazing card holder these card holder are so much helping and very handy.
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  4. They're so nice! I think I prefer these to your new ones though xx

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