Guilty Pleasure

I'll admit it... I'm OBSESSED with Roseanne. Besides I Love Lucy of course, Roseanne is my absolute favorite TV show. I only know a handful of people who agree with me on this one.

Now, I must explain... I ONLY own and love Seasons 1 through 4. After Season 4, it really starts to go downhill, but that's ok, 4 great seasons are good enough for me.

I think I just really love the reality of the show. Nothing in Roseanne is glamorized. There's something about it that's comforting for me.

What I'm saying is, if you are quick to judge this show, you have to give the first few seasons a chance.

Here's a peak at Season 2 (the best, in my opinion).

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  1. First of all, I love this post! (And the fact that it's dedicated to me!)

    I'll admit that I also get very defensive about this show because of how passionate I am about it...That's right, I just said that I'm passionate about Roseanne. But it's just like you said, you have to give the first few seasons a chance.

    The writing on the show is so utterly funny, cleaver, real, and completely original and the characters and the family dynamics are so relatable that its actually a little scary sometimes. You know there's good character development when you can watch a show and think of several people in your own life that remind you of those characters. In my opinion, it's one of very few shows ever that were successful in combining heavy drama and comedy together in a realistic way.

    The Conners are a lovable, hardworking family. If you still think they're white-trash, just watch an episode of Married with Children!