Monday, March 14, 2011

Color Love

This Pom Pom DIY over at Honestly WTF inspired me to look around for some more colorful goodies. I honestly can't get enough of this picture. I don't know what it is. I want to make these garlands and hang them all over my yard!

After checking out this DIY, I started to do some Etsy searching. Here are two of my favorite colorful finds...

[1] atomium rings

[2] multicolored felt beads
source: one. two.

Lastly, all of this got me thinking about a Sony advertisement that I had completely forgotten about it, and it's so great! Watch it here.


  1. I remember watching that ad awhile back and loving it. I'm so aching for color right now as the weather is warming up... I just really want a long bright patterned sundress or something, and maybe one of those rings to go with :)

  2. Yes! Aren't those rings awesome?!

  3. i'm totally going to make those yarn pom-pom garlands for Ari's birthday party. I think this calls for a tutorial!