Monday, March 7, 2011

Typeset Printer's Drawers

I've been trying to figure out an interesting way to display all of my small knick knacks and I've come to the conclusion that a printer's drawer would be just perfect.

I'm especially interested in finding one with different sized compartments, like this...

My swap meet searches have proved unsuccessful so I might just have to buy one online. My trinkets need a home!

It might be interesting to take these a step further and line the bottom of the drawer (the back when the drawer is hung) with colored paper or fabric. 

source: one. two. three.


  1. how fun! I actually have a small printers drawer hanging on my kitchen wall. mine is empty, but it would be a great place to put tiny things. I love all the compartments

  2. I just type drawer is exactly the same as just the middle part of your second photo. it must have been cut apart into 3 pieces. the compartments and handle are just the same, but my wood is a little darker. I think my mom found it years ago at a flea market or auction.

  3. Elizabeth, the drawer in the second photo seems a little big so that sounds like a perfect size. I thought it might be great to use in a sewing room to store thread.