Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Swap Meet Finds: Before and After

A while ago I found an ornate gold mirror at the swap meet. I'd always planned on painting it a bright pink/red color because I'm not much of a gold person. Last weekend I finally got around to it and I love how it came out.

My favorite part about this mirror is the shelf! It's a perfect way to display my favorite knick knacks.

Here's one more before shot. Pete is such a ham, she wouldn't stay out of the picture. I don't know what she liked better, gazing at herself in the mirror, or having her picture taken.


  1. very fun! good job on the painting :) I like the new color much better too.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I was surprised at how much I love the new color because I am not much of a pink person but I think it's great!