Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I just discovered Pinterest and I'm smitten! Yesterday I requested an invite... I just can't wait to be a part of it. From what I can figure out, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. You can "pin" your favorite photos and create boards... the best part is, the links to the photos follow! I love the idea of being able to automatically credit a source. You can search through other member's boards...

Or you can search for individual items/photos...

I can't wait to start "pinning"!

Update: The lovely Kate of Another Donkey Design invited me and I'm now a member! Find me here!


  1. i just started pinning ... it's AWESOME to be able to collect bits of inspirations that way!

    have fun!

  2. Oh yes, I am quite addicted! Come follow my pins! http://pinterest.com/freutcakegirl/

  3. Totally addictive!. i think i can send invites to people so you don't have to wait - send me an email at another.donkey.design@gmail.com if you want me to try.