Friday, May 6, 2011

The Importance of Packaging

A while back I wrote a post about packaging but it was focused on product packaging. Today I want to talk about the importance of actually packaging your product! I began to think about this today when I received a package from Perpetual Kid. It was my the apron I bought my Mom for Mother's Day... just in time. I opened the box and to my surprise a cute little finger puppet was waiting on top, gripping a packing peanut. So cute!

Little details like this, in my opinion, are extremely important. I've made it a habit to include a personalized note with every Etsy order I send out. It's always nice to get a little something extra.. it makes the process more personal.

Ribbons, bows, and flowers are adorable on packages but let's face it... they aren't realistic! Of course it's nice to decorate the packaged product inside but what about the package itself? Here are some packages that are not only cute but can withstand the wear and tear of the mailing process...

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  1. Yes, I read your post related to product packaging. I really like the way you explained every single thing. I like the idea of putting extra effort in packaging. The finger puppet of the top box looks very cute. Thanks for sharing importance of packaging with us.