Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspiration: In Praise of Pyrex

I read an article recently in the May 2011 issue of Country Living about Pyrex and now I'm starting to realize just how much I love it. I see Pyrex at the swap meet all the time but don't think much of it. I'll definitely be doing a double take now.

The article pointed out that there are over 40 different pyrex motifs, and each one is symbolic of when the pyrex was made. I personally love the "butterprint" motif, a folk art pattern from the early 1960s (see the light blue pattern above), and the "friendship" motif, a vibrant early 1970s pattern complete with Pennsylvania Dutch birds (all pictured below).

I'm biased because I love all things bright and colorful, but how could you not love this stuff?!

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