Friday, June 24, 2011

4th of July Giveaway! - CLOSED

The 4th of July is fast approaching! As a thank you to my readers, and to celebrate my favorite season, I've put together a very special red, white, and blue giveaway! One lucky reader will win ALL of these fantastic 4th of July inspired goodies!

So what exactly is in this 4th of July package?! Let's take a look...
  • vintage red, white, and blue necklace from Blue Butterfly Vintage
  • infant american darling headband from Sweet Nellie's Shop for the patriotic baby in your life
  • glittery red, white, and blue star door hanger
  • a dozen crazy straws for your summer drinks (only 3 are pictured)
  • three small american flags
  • red, white, and blue nail polish
  • hot dog/marshmallow skewers for your summer bbq
Here's a closer look at our two big ticket items...

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below (with a way to contact you). The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Wednesday! One comment per reader please.



  1. That red, white, and blue nail polish is so me! No but seriously, I want in this contest and I want those skewers.

  2. What a fun giveaway! My sister is so into patriotic stuff so I would give it to her :)

    You can contact me through my blog or at my etsy store

  3. here i am! and you're right.. violet would love that headband!!

  4. I love 4th of July! I just bought decorations for my apartment and I already put them up!

  5. i heart america so much, had my baby been born on the 4th of july, her name woulda been Yankee Doodle!... i settled ari doodle

  6. Thanks for the fab giveaway!


  7. Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!!! One fact about me is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE patriotic stuff!!! I HAVE to win!! <3 This is so rad, Beta.

    thanks for doing this!

    *Fingers crossed*

  8. Love the necklace! And I have no baby in my life but I'm selfishly thinking I could turn it into an adult headband!
    Jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  9. I would love to win, so cute

    angukena at yahoo dot com

  10. si qui fallala america bien per no tien nadar qui fallala sin feldaggio. dieus meou!

  11. omg omg im so excited!!!! im feelin lucky

  12. i could sip lots of beer through those bendy straws! eeeeeeee!!!