Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY: Black Apple Dolls

Upon searching for birthday gifts for two of my friend's little girls, I realized something handmade would be really special... that's when I discovered these Black Apple Doll video tutorials, courtesy of Emily Martin (of Black Apple) and Martha Stewart. These dolls take a little bit of time but are definitely worth the effort.

This doll was my second attempt so I went the extra step and made a few accessories... a winter scarf and hat, and a gnome costume for halloween!

My first attempt was a tiny bit simpler. The eyes are a little different and her legs are brown (as if she is wearing tights). I love how they both turned out! Unfortunately, I don't have too many good photos of my first doll...

Take a look at some of Emily's dolls here for design ideas and visit her shop for more Black Apple products!

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