Monday, August 8, 2011

Bright Idea: Woodgrain Contact Paper

This week's bright idea post is dedicated to a little something I need to go buy ASAP... woodgrain contact paper! I've done some research and found that it's definitely not just for the 1970's home anymore. I can't get enough of it! Take a look at these excellent uses for this magical product...

Create your very own vinyl shade decals or make your own laptop cover. These covers are also available on Etsy.

This cupcake liner is actually made with wood paneling, but could also be made with contact paper, and of course... who wouldn't love a gift packaged as beautifully as this one?

Brighten up an old coffee carafe, or give a lamp a whole new look!

This bicycle was actually created using a technique known as graining (using a variety of brushes and tools to imitate woodgrain) but if you're feeling adventurous it might be possible to pull this off using contact paper!

Organize your workspace with these woodgrain tins, and speaking of your workspace... these binder clips are actually sold at Staples (although I wasn't able to find them online), but why not try and make your own?

Here's one more cute workspace item... I found this mini woodgrain notebook on Etsy. This particular one is pocket sized!

And wrapping up the list is this awesome woodgrain fridge! Isn't it the coolest?!


  1. Me too! I just might attempt that!

  2. have you found any good sources for the contact paper?

  3. There's a brand that I found on Amazon called "Kittrich"... there is a lot to choose from, and it's pretty cheap!