Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY: Wedding Snow Globe

I recently attended the beautiful wedding of my good friend, Jessica. I opted to get the newlyweds a gift card from the registry but also wanted to give them a little something extra... something handmade. I decided to make this little wedding snow globe.

Of course, this DIY isn't just for weddings, you could make this snow globe for any number of occasions or holidays. Here are the step by step instructions so you can make one for yourself!

What you'll need:
  • plastic bride and groom cake topper (or whatever figurine you choose)
  • wide mouth mason jar big enough to hold the cake topper
  • hot glue
  • glitter
  • painter's tape
  • two colors of spray paint (I used the wedding colors)
  • water
Using the painter's tape, line the band and the lid of the jar like I did in the photo. Any paint that gets on the inside will make it difficult for you to securely tighten the lid.

I sprayed two bands and two lids just in case I made a mistake. Spray paint the band one color and the lid the other. Once they dried, I added a little heart with a red paint pen and wrote the newlyweds initials inside. 

Hot glue the bride and groom cake topper to the bottom of the lid. Add water and glitter to the jar. Make sure there isn't even one tiny piece of glitter along the rim. If there is, the lid won't seal correctly and the jar will leak. 

I suppose you could hot glue the lid to the jar but I ran out of time. I simply tightened the lid as much as I could. Luckily, I can report that the newlyweds did not open a soggy gift! 

Add a nice ribbon to give the snow globe a finished look and you're all done!


  1. That is so cool thank you for the idea

  2. where did you get the bride and groom?

    1. I found them on Etsy! Here's the shop link...