Friday, September 2, 2011

August Roundup

September is here! Although summer is my favorite season, I'm thrilled to see autumn approaching. I'm ready for some cool weather! In memory of August, let's take a look at some of the best parts...

 I was lucky enough to attend the BEAUTIFUL wedding of Jessica and Lorne of Pizza Friday Today. How cute are they? I had a fantastic time! All photos courtesy of Drew A. Kelley Photography.

I sure didn't get around to cooking a lot this month but I'd have to say these grit cakes were definitely my favorite. Check out the recipe here.

Here are a few recipes I can't wait to try!
How good do these chocolate brownies look? Recipe here.

Bloomin' pizza bread... count me in! Recipe here.

Heirloom tomato sandwich... better make this one while I can still find the tomatoes! Recipe here.

All natural moss graffiti?! I can't get over this! Check out the how-to here.

This was part of my wedding gift to the Jessica & Lorne. I'll definitely be making more of these soon. Here's the DIY if you're interested in making your own!

How cute are these little fruit baskets? They're made out of paper plates! Check out the DIY here.

This dixie cup garland is at the top of my to-do list. The DIY is incredibly detailed. Take a look!

That about wraps up my August favorites. I just have one more bit of news... for SEPTEMBER. I sponsored my very first blog this month (Oh So Lovely Vintage) and I'm so excited because it's one of my favorites. Erin and Stefanie are too cute, and I'm thrilled to be a sponsor! Check out Oh So Lovely here!


  1. first time on your blog... gorgeous design!!:) i love love it! i will definately be back...