Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY: Glittery Halloween Wreath

I woke up on Saturday morning determined to make a Halloween wreath... the only problem was, I had no idea how I was going to do it. Despite having no plan of action, I'm very pleased with the outcome! Here's how I did it...

Last year I purchased some plastic skulls from a local party supply store. I cut three of them in half, sprayed them with spray adhesive, and covered them in silver glitter.

While those were drying, I used a scalloped paper punch and punched circles out of an old book I got from a garage sale. I got the idea here.

I used a straw wreath because I already had it, but a styrofoam wreath would work too. Using a pencil, I wrapped each circle around the the lead part, added a drop of hot glue, and attached them to the wreath.

Once I was finished, I decided to spray the wreath with black spray paint. I didn't completely cover it because I wanted the book pages to show through a bit.

Once the wreath was dry, I hot glued the skulls on and attached some felt roses as well. To make the felt roses, check out this DIY.

TA DAAA! I can't wait to hang it on the front door!


  1. Neat! I love the idea of using old book pages. :)

  2. This is great! GAH! Why is your blog so freaking cute?!?!?

  3. What a great idea. I love that punch thing. And of course, everything glittery! xo, rv

  4. That looks great - the perfect balance of spooky and lovely.

  5. Thank you all! If you're thinking of trying out this technique, beware... it's very time consuming!

  6. love it! can't wait to have a halloween wreath and craft night.

  7. it's so cool!! love the old book pages. nice work!

  8. This looks fantastic! I how contrasting the glitter skulls are with the spray painted paper - looks as though it is smokey and burnt. Great DIY!

    Amy x