Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's HOT... ridiculously hot! I figured since I spend most of my day wishing I could jump into a pool, I might as well dedicate a post to some beautiful photos that perfectly portray my daydreams. I found all of these on Etsy...

Underwater Dreaming by blueskyclouds

Pool and Swim by janeheller

Liquid Stars by mkendall

Diver by jenaardell

Alright, autumn... I'm officially ready for you!


  1. This is lovely! I am glad to know that other people are feeling as mind-numbingly hot as I am here in Arizona. Love this grouping of cool waters!

  2. i'm loving the pool pics, especially since im a swimmer :) xxo

  3. Thank you both! We just had a huge thunderstorm here this morning in Southern CA. Looks like the heatwave has passed!