Sunday, October 30, 2011


Saturday consisted of a trip to San Diego for my cousin's 1st birthday party. I usually try to take the train when I travel to San Diego but there was some construction going on this weekend so I decided against it. The best part about the long drive home from a kid's birthday party... the huge bag of candy you've acquired to keep you awake.

Sunday so far looks a lot like the photo above, plus my computer and Parks and Rec on Netflix. I've been spending a little time going through my blogroll today. Here are a few of my favorite posts (with some of the prettiest photos) from the past week...

Bleubird - Bits + Pieces
Six Orange Carrots - Exercise in Gratitude

One more thing! I just have to share my new favorite music video... The Black Keys - Lonely Boy.


  1. Riding on trains is so much fun. I was out of town this past weekend too. Looks like you had a perfect Sunday. xo, rv

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