Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY: Simple Upcycled Owl

Last weekend I went on a mini shopping spree at Home Goods with a good friend. I found a green glass owl for $8 and my first thought was: what color should I paint this?! As you can see, I went with yellow.  I'm pretty happy with the results. 

I made sure to primer the owl before painting it.

I love this little guy so much now. I think this might be the beginning of another collection! 


  1. I love it! You finally did what you've been meaning to. Yay! Btw I didn't mind the iridescent green so much either. Now I'm tempted to spraypaint somethin with that sweet shade of green I have... Tim's already been harassing me that it's been sitting in the closet and that I haven't used it yet!

  2. the yellow is darling! i foresee another visit to home goods in the near future...

  3. p.s. i love please note mornings. i get all sad when there's no post haha

  4. This is fabulous =) I am OBSESSED with owls and am definitely going to this to a few of the ones in my collection!

  5. Heather, I'm definitely on the hunt for a nice shade of mint green for next time... as well as a pinky red color like I used for my mirror:

    Amy, yes please! I want to go back NOW!

    Dreamgreendiy, your blog is awesome! I love your Pinterest outfit posts!