Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pink Tree

I FINALLY bought a pink tree this year! It came yesterday and I'm so excited to decorate it. I've been doing some Google/Pinterest searching for decorating ideas. Here are a few of my favorites....

I'll probably use a few aspects from all of these trees. I love the idea of white and silver bulbs and of course glittery birds! Any ideas?


  1. oh my goodness gracious, i want one of those, except i want a yellow one - do they make those?? anyway, i vote for pink and silver ornaments.

    xoxo lizzy

    ps: good to meet you. your blog is cute!

  2. Oh man, I like the pink tree look too, but my husband would never go for it! ;) I'd say if you stick with silvery and sparkly decorations you can't lose!

  3. I'm so excited it arrived! I can't wait to see it all decked out!! And I can't wait till we get ours. I was so envious when you said you'd ordered it.. hahaha. I love the Martha one most, with the soft glass ornaments. But.. Knowing me, mine'll end up becoming a rainbow.. especially since I plan to make ornaments this year. Wish me luck ;)