Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Christina Tonges Korn

Today I'm proud to introduce the very first Please Note Sponsor Spotlight post! We'll be taking a peek into the life of the marvelous Christina Tonges Korn and her amazing works of art. Christina is seriously talented and I'm thrilled to be able to share her work with you.

"My childhood has never lost its magic, it has never lost its mystery, it has never lost its drama." 
- Louise Bourgeois

My paintings depict a hybrid personal mythology that explores the archetypal figures of our collective unconscious. Since earning my BFA in Art Education from The School of The Museum of Fine Art, Boston in 2008, I've spilt my life between teaching fine art and pursuing my own studio practice in painting, drawing and recently constructing helmets and headdresses. I'm compelled to follow my dreams, intuition and intellectual curiosity on a meandering path from Norse mythology, Hatian Voodou, and prehistoric cave painting to Victorian fairytales, American Indian creation myths and a damn scary ghost story. Along the way collecting and identifying manifestations of archetypal characters in narratives across culture, distance and time. I paint to convey an inner world rooted in the pool of narrative that feeds all of our experience as humans.

I live on top of a hill in the Silver Lake neighborhood Los Angeles with my husband and dog surrounded by coyotes, bobcats, hawks, skunks, herons, owls, opossums, and (at least) two ghosts. They make many guest appearances in my art work.

Check out my paintings at

A window into the studio is my
blog, where my newest work is frequently posted.


Art is for everyone! An original painting has a presence and life that just doesn't translate to reproductions. My etsy store is stocked with affordable original art.

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