Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Rebecca of Drunk Literature

This week's Sponsor Spotlight post is dedicated to the lovely Rebecca of Drunk Literature. Rebecca's blog began as an intelligent discussion on how intoxication appears in literature (I love that), and has transformed into a more personal look at her own life. I think you'll find her as charming as I do.

Why, hello! I'm Rebecca, the lady behind Drunk Literature. Whoa, it's weird calling myself a "lady," is it not? Anyway, I am a full-fledged book nerd with a passion for design, style, and art. I am in a true state of perpetual post-graduate-ness, meaning I am still viewing life as a journey of discovery (either that or I'm just indecisive). I am not-so-mildly addicted to coffee, used bookshops, Google Reader, and ugly accessories. I enjoy a stinky cheese, robust wine, anything French-inspired, and autumn in sight, smell, sound, touch and taste.

When I'm not blogging about books, cover design, style, and life, I am at my day job spending some 70 hours a week working at an up-and-coming contemporary art gallery (you can read about us here). At the Gallery, I serve as the Communications Director and find myself challenged on a daily basis. I am also currently learning all the wonders of website and graphic design, and am trying my hand at launching a few new projects. Stop by my blog and say hi!

Pictured above: one of Rebecca's adorable cats (she comically describes herself as just a little bit of a crazy cat lady) as well as a "rating sheet" she newly devised for the books she reads. How creative!

Learn more about Rebecca...


  1. Thank you so much, this is great!!!! Wait, it is lame to comment on your own sponsor post? Perhaps... but nevertheless, thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. That's not lame at all! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you too!