Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Songs - My Top 10

I really, really, really love Christmas music. I start listening to it way too early (I'm talking months before Christmas) because it just makes me happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that there is A LOT of terrible Christmas music out there, and I feel like a lot of people don't share my affinity because they hear so much of the bad stuff. Well, I'm all about the classics. So, I've decided to put together a list of my top 10 favorite Christmas songs to share with you today. It was difficult to narrow it down to just 10, and even harder to rank them but I gave it a shot. Also, I've included a YouTube video for each song so you can hear the list instead of just reading it.

'A Holly Jolly Christmas' is my favorite because of my Grandpa. I can still hear him singing it. 

I hope this helps get you all into the holiday spirit!


  1. such a good playlist, i particularly adore blue christmas by elvis <3<3

  2. Thanks, Lindsay! It's not Christmas without a little Elvis!