Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Ghost and Lamb

This week's Sponsor Spotlight is dedicated to the lovely Lauren of Ghost and Lamb!

Hi there! My name is Lauren and I am an aspiring art teacher (currently a high school substitute teacher), artist, crafter, fashionista, and blogger. I run an Etsy shop called Ghost & Lamb. My shop features whimsical jewelry, felted critter sculptures, and other cute handmade creations! I enjoy teaching arts and crafts, crafting in my studio, photography, baking fun treats, going to see movies, and experimenting with dressing up in cute, quirky outfits!

Use discount code PLEASENOTE to receive 15% off any purchase in Lauren's shop!


  1. Oh What a Beautiful Post & Whimsical Blog - The prettiness made me dizzy!
    Peace, Love & Happy Holidays - Rin @

  2. Thanks so much for a lovely feature! Keep up the great work, Elizabeth! <3 Lauren

  3. Same to you Lauren, thanks so much for being a part of Please Note this month!