What's In My Bag?

Every time I see a What's In My Bag post on a blog, I'm immediately intrigued. I don't know why. I guess I'm just nosy. So, I decided to do one myself! Here's what we have going on today...

  • recycled juice label make-up bag - Barnes & Noble
  • iPod
  • Mac Studio Fix
  • Tootsie pop (a tiny portion of the candy selection I seem to always carry with me)
  • colorful food wallet - from a local shop
  • Guadalupe card holder - a gift
  • toothbrush and toothpaste (so I can brush my teeth after lunch at work)
  • camera - an old, beat-up Canon Powershot (I try to always have a camera with me)
  • journal - Target

Be sure and stop by tomorrow for a new DIY!


  1. Love the colorful food wallet! That is too cute!


  2. I'm not sure why I love these posts so much... maybe I'm far too nosy for my own good?! Love how colorful you are-- and that Guadalupe card holder is awesomeness. I need something like that, but have been shopping around antique store for one, to no avail.

    1. There are a few shops near me that carry a ton of cool things like those card holders. I want to start doing local shop tours here on the blog!

  3. tootsie roll pop?!? yes!!


  4. I love posts like this!! I'm always so curious too. Look at you, brushing your teeth after every meal! Such a good girl.

    1. It's probably best... since I usually have way more candy than just that one tootsie roll pop!

  5. i did one of these a couple of days ago (actually a drawing & vid type but basically the same, here http://ow.ly/9tgcP and here http://ow.ly/9tgei) and ohh maan, you have sooo much less stuff in your bag than me, haha I feel like a *crazy person*. It's so interesting to see what people carry around with them, what they use regularly etc... Probably tells quite a bit about their personalities.
    i like your lady guadalupe holder. :)

    1. What cute drawings! Trust me, the larger my purse is, the more stuff I accumulate, haha.