Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY: Plant Markers

I've been so excited about my mini kitchen window herb garden lately! When I planted my herbs, I searched around online for some cute plant marker ideas and found these from Martha Stewart. Not only are they cute, they're so simple to make!

What you'll need:
  • twigs
  • x-acto knife
  • pen or thin sharpie

Cut your twigs to the desired size. Shave a little of the bark off with your x-acto knife to create a flat surface.

Write the plant names with a pen or thin sharpie and you're all set!

Note: I found those little buckets in the dollar section of Target and drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. They work perfectly and look pretty cute on the windowsill too!


  1. What an awesome idea! I've been using paddle pop sticks that I painted and then wrote on with calligraphy pen but they don't fare so well outside - definitely will be replacing them with these!

  2. They are so cute, love the rustic look.


  3. The plant markers are such a crafty idea...


  4. Elizabeth, I just found your blog yesterday and I am completely obsessed! I spent at least 3 hours browsing through your blog back to its beginning and I can't get over how many great ideas you share with your bloggers. I will be a loyal follower! Thanks for all the great ideas!
    -Amy, From the House of Simba and Nala

    1. Amy, you completely made my day! Thanks so much for the kind words and for mentioning me in your recent post! :)

  5. What a fabulous natural idea! Found you via the Proper Pinwheel (yay Lexy). Good stuff! XO, MJ

  6. Such a cool and lovely idea - and so easy to make! Great find!

  7. Ah! What a cute idea! Always a fan of something you can make for nothing.

  8. Love it! So easy and fun. I featured your project on my blog for a WEEKEND DIY
    Thanks for the lovely idea!