Thursday, August 23, 2012


Loving: My new work schedule. A few weeks ago I talked a little bit about my decision to quit my full time photography job and start working at a local bakery again. I'm still getting used to everything but I'm really enjoying not working the typical 9 to 5. Having a day or two off in the middle of the week is the best. I can run errands without a million people everywhere. I can go to the grocery store or the post office in the middle of the day and not have to wait in line! I seriously love that. Also, sometimes I get to catch my favorite daytime TV shows like I Love Lucy and The Price is Right! Did you know that The Price is Right gives away awesome CLASSIC cars as prizes now?! So cool!

Excited about: Switching to Passionfruit. I finally installed everything this week and I'm so excited about it! I can't even believe how much easier this service is going to make my sponsorship program.

Watching: The Inbetweeners. NOT THE NEW MTV VERSION... the original British version. I just finished season 3 and it took me a few episodes to get into this show but once I did, I was hooked. A word of warning though... it's not for the faint of heart... or anyone who's easily offended, for that matter. 

Anticipating: FYF Fest. I'm not quite sure which day I'll be going to yet but both days are pretty awesome so it really doesn't matter.

Listening to: The Dazed and Confused soundtrack. I bought it for $2 at a local record store. I play it while I'm driving and pretend I'm in the movie. Ha!

Planning: Meals. This should explain the photo above. I'm trying my best to not eat out. I've been grocery shopping about once a week and using Pinterest to plan my meals based on what's on sale.

Working on: I don't really know where to begin with this one. I'm all over the place right now. I have some custom Etsy orders I'm working on. I also want to give the blog a makeover. I have a blank wall in my bedroom that needs some love and a million things to hang on it. Time to make a list and start prioritizing, I suppose.

Thinking about: What to do when my phone contract runs out in about a week. I'm thinking of switching to an iPhone but really anything with the internet will do. Ya... I don't have a data plan. I basically never have. I think I'm most excited to have a new fancy phone when I'm lost. No more fumbling with the huge map in my glove compartment... or calling my Dad for help, haha!

Wishing: I was a little more focused. I go through phases with this blog. Sometimes I'm really on top of everything and I plan posts weeks ahead of time. Other times I have no idea what I'm going to post the next day. That's ok though... and it's good to be honest about it. I almost feel like the less I plan posts ahead of time, the more real the blog becomes. I find myself without a DIY idea or a photographed recipe so what do I do instead? I talk a little bit about my personal life. I don't know about you guys but I kind of like that. It's nice to have a few unplanned "real life" posts once in a while like this one, don't you think?

Thanks Allison and Liz for the inspiration for this post!


  1. Glad to see someone else under the age of 85 that likes The Price is Right!! ;)

    1. Haha! Yesss! I've loved it ever since I was a kid!

  2. I love The Inbetweeners, though it's a bit uncomfortably familiar from my own school days...!