Friday, August 17, 2012

Sponsor Please Note in September!

I can't believe that September is just around the corner! I'm now accepting sponsors so if you're interested, head on over to the sponsor info page and take a look. I'd love to spend September with you!
Psst... featured ads are still available!

Also, I'm looking into switching to Passionfruit soon. Do any of you use that service? I'd love to hear what your experience has been like, especially if you use Blogger.
Thanks, friends!


  1. I use passionfruit, and I love it. They do charge $1 for every ad, but they make it so much simpler to have the ads on your blog. The only time you have to mess with any HTML is when you are first installing passionfruit.

    Do you do sponsor swaps? just curious. :)


    1. Thanks, Katie! I think I'm going to install it at the end of the month. So exciting! I'm going to email you about a swap! :)