Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Punk Projects

It's time for a new Sponsor Spotlight! Today I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Katie of Punk Projects. Katie's blog is filled with awesome DIYs! If you're anything like me and you love to get crafty, be sure to stop by and see what she's up to. She's currently doing a lot of autumn-themed projects. I just love that. Now, let's learn a little more about Katie, shall we?

I'm Katie, a 20 yr old artist trying to find my place in the world. I blog over at Punk Projects, where I post step-by-step craft tutorials, inspiration, and my art which consists of everything from scrapbook layouts to painting and mixed media to drawing to crocheting. I have a passion for creating things and I share that on my blog.

I've recently opened my etsy shop back up, and both my Mom and I are listing handmade items in it. My Mom, Tabatha creates the most gorgeous quilted and crocheted items, and you might find a few in the etsy shop. My sewing style is a little more whimsical, I like to sew small things like iphone cozies, camera strap covers, etc. So our Etsy shop has a couple of different styles in it, but everything is lovingly handmade.

Learn more about Katie...


  1. She looks so rad. I have hoped on the blog and store already. Thanks for the introduction.