Thursday, January 17, 2013


Loving: Experimenting with the new kitchen appliances I got for Christmas. I've already used my Kitchenaid quite a few times. I put my popcorn maker to use last night and used my hand blender to chop some vegetables a few days ago. I love all of it and I'm so grateful for everything.

Watching: Freaks and Geeks on repeat. I guess I keep hoping that a 2nd season will magically appear. I also just got caught up on Portlandia and now I'm trying to catch up on Workaholics. 

Anticipating: The Coachella lineup. I got my tickets and camping pass when they went on sale (pre-sale) months ago and finally paid everything off. I can't wait for April!

Listening to: Whatever cds are in my car because I'm too lazy to replace them with new ones. Basically just a lot of Led Zeppelin.

Planning: A complete overhaul of both of my Etsy shops. I want to take all new photos and create lots of new items for the paper shop. The hardest part is getting started because I know it's going to take a loooong time.

Working on: My 365 day project. I'm getting nervous about keeping up with it but I also know how excited I'll be when I finish. That's my motivation. I've also been thinking about making a little flip book when I'm all done.

Thinking about: Crafts. I seem to be on a recipe kick lately. I try to balance out the blog with a little of each but for some reason I'm way more interested in cooking/baking lately.

Wishing: It was warmer. I know, I know... us Southern Californians are wimps but come on! It's been in the 30s when I get up for work in the morning! I'm soooo not used to this.


  1. Off to check out your 365 project now! 365s are the best :)
    xo Heather

  2. Loving the 365 day project. I can't wait to see the shop overhaul. Maybe you should do some prints of your project.

  3. I love this 365 day project and this post style! Very excited to keep following your blog! -Erika