1.) Cupcakes from work for a night in with my friend Jess and the Beyonce special.
2.) Valentine's Day shorts.
3.) A night out with an old friend. 
4.) A Roseanne-style gift from my mom. She knows me too well.
5.) Drinks at the track.
6.) Pixie creepin' on some birds.
7.) A dollar store score.
8.) The first rainbow of the year (that I've seen, at least).
9.) Huell Howser day at Chapman University. 
10.) One of my last burgers before I gave them up for lent.


  1. Those cupcakes look delicious... and I love the Lisa Frank stickers. So Jealous.

    1. Thanks, Cazz! I can't pass up ANYTHING Lisa Frank. It takes me right back to elementary school!