Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Anticipating: Moving out of this apartment. I've been here for about 7 months and can't stand it anymore. It's small, dark and loud. I'm a grandma. I fall asleep early(ish) and wake up at 4AM for work. That schedule and the bar down the street just don't mix. Luckily, I'm leaving in three weeks! My co-worker is moving and I'm taking her place. It's bigger and it's upstairs with lots of windows and sunlight. I CAN'T WAIT. I'll definitely post photos once I'm all moved in.

Watching: Arrested Development season 4. Just started watching Girls (finally). I'm also almost completely caught up on Parenthood. As far as reality TV goes, I'm done with my trashy reality binge (for now) and sticking to MasterChef and maybe The American Baking Competition... unless Jeff Foxworthy drives me crazy. Then I'm out.

Listening to: Breezeblocks by Alt-J on repeat. We saw them at Coachella and they were one of my favorites. If you haven't already, check out that music video. It's a trip. Other artists I'm listening to a lot these days include... Shovels & Rope, Sleigh Bells, and The Allman Brothers.

Trying to keep up on: My 365 project. I'm almost halfway done!

Excited about: Going to Disneyland in July. I live 20 minutes away and haven't been in, get this, 12 YEARS. How crazy is that?


  1. Allman Brothers, eh?

  2. I love the excitement of moving into a new place + but as apartments go, my area is crazy expensive - right outside of DC, so once you find a spot you tend to stay put for a bit + I always dread looking for a place + but it's love when you find something that you like. I've always lived below noisy neighbors (i.e., small kids, and larger families), I'm cursed...because I too like quiet and my neighbors don't know the meaning of it. -- Wye

    1. I know what you mean. Hopefully this new place is a little quieter!

  3. Moving is so exciting! My boyfriend and I have been living with his parents for 2 years, and we have just had our offer accepted on a house. I can't wait to move! Hope yours goes well!