Saturday, October 5, 2013

Moonstruck Breakfast

I'm a big fan of Moonstruck. It's one of my favorite Cher movies... well, besides Mermaids. My mom and I used to watch Moonstruck when I was a kid and then we would make the breakfast that Rose (Loretta's mom) made at one point in the movie. The only difference is, we would use marinara sauce instead of peppers. I make it both ways now but today I thought I'd share the traditional Moonstruck way with you guys.

  • a slice of thick Italian bread
  • one egg
  • olive oil
  • half of a red bell pepper

Using a small cup, make a hole in the middle of your bread. Slice the bell pepper and saute it in a little olive oil. When the pepper slices start to get soft, add the bread to the pan. Brown on one side and flip. Crack an egg into the hole and brown the other side while the egg cooks. Serve side by side.