Monday, October 21, 2013

The Last Empty Wall

I moved into this apartment in June and I've had a lot of fun decorating it but there was one wall that I just couldn't figure out. This wall behind my TV was driving me crazy. I thought about hanging some framed prints, putting up shelves, etc. Then, I saw an image in Pinterest that I loved and it dawned on me... I needed a flag!

I went to the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet yesterday, found two crates and the perfect American flag and voilĂ ! The wall is finished! I just couldn't wait to share it with you guys... clearly, considering I did this about 5 minutes ago.

Also, I'd like to mention something I discovered recently. I found this post from last month via A Cup of Jo and read each and every comment. I can't believe some of the views people have about displaying American flags. I can understand if you think it's tacky (not that I care) but when people argue that it screams conservative or say that it's weird and unsettling, I'm shocked. Here's the thing... I'm American. I was born and raised here and I'm grateful for that. Lastly, it's important to remember that you can love your country without having to love your government. There's a lot wrong with this country but there is a lot to love too. I simply prefer to focus on the latter.


  1. great design, looks very patriotic! i love using pinterest for creative outlet ideas!

  2. Love this idea, and even more love the quote you shared! You can love your country and not your government, people really need to remember that especially now. Thanks for sharing another great decorating post :-)

  3. I LOVE it!

    "you can love your country without having to love your government."