Sunday, December 29, 2013

Free Printable: 2014 Goals

2014 is just around the corner. Everyone is talking about their resolutions so I started to think about what I'm going to focus on this year. I'm not big on resolutions but I don't think having a few goals is a bad idea. I decided to make a print and hang it in my apartment throughout the year to remind myself of what I'm trying to focus on. 

If you like it, feel free to print your own! Click here for the image. Print on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and cut inside the lines. It should turn out to be 8" x 10".


  1. Oh I really like this! Thank you for sharing and all the best for 2014!

  2. Adorable - Now that last goal will be a tough one.
    Thank you!

  3. LOVE this post. I in fact made my own one with my goals on it and stuck it up on my wall! I put it up on my blog and of course mentioned you! would mean the world if you checked it out :)
    -Caroline Petersen <3