Sunday, December 15, 2013

O Christmas Tree

This year I bought my first (very own) real Christmas tree. I have a fake pink one that I decided not to use this year. I don't know why. I was just in the mood for a real one. It's definitely a Charlie Brown tree. I put it on a box and it's still shorter than me, but I love it. It's so hard for me to turn the lights off at night before bed because it's just so pretty... so I turn them on again around 4AM when I wake up for work. It definitely brightens up those dark, early mornings. Below is a photo of some other decorations I have up in my apartment. I better enjoy them now... Christmas is only ten days away. Can you believe it?


  1. It's so stinking cute! I love fake white and pink trees, and I have a mini white one but I'll always need to have a real tree.

    1. Me too! I think I'll probably have to buy a real one every year after this. :)