Monday, September 15, 2014


Last week I flew to Austin to visit my friends Andrew and Nina. They took me everywhere! I had the best time. Here are a few photos from my trip. I brought my camera but ended up using my phone the whole time. It was just easier and I still got a lot of good pictures. One of the first places we visited was the Texas State Capitol. 

One day we went for a swim at Barton Springs Pool. It was so pretty! I'd never really been to a place like this. It was like a public pool (with lifeguards and a diving board) but all natural.

We of course had to get some BBQ. I tried fried okra for the first time. Delicious!

The next place we went swimming was Hamilton Pool Natural Preserve. It was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. I didn't want to leave! Check out the mini waterfalls in the photo below. There were a lot of catfish swimming around and some turtles too. Photos don't do this place justice.

One night we went to the Texas Chili Parlor for a drink. If you're a Quentin Tarantino fan, you might recognize this bar from Death Proof. Andrew is sitting right where Kurt Russell ate that big, messy plate of nachos.

I also hung out at Andrew's work for a while and ate some really good tacos. One night we made a late night trip to Whataburger. I'd never been. I got myself a honey bbq chicken strip sandwich on Texas toast. I'll be dreaming about that sandwich until the day I go back.

The last place we went swimming was Krause Springs. It was also really beautiful. Everyone just kinda hangs out and floats around. They have a rope swing too. I had a little too much fun on the rope swing and broke a finger! Tell me that isn't the ultimate Texas souvenir!

Luckily that was the last day of my trip. I flew home early the next morning. As you can see below, the Jet Blue stewardesses were nice enough to make me an ice pack.

All in all, it was a great trip! Thanks Andrew and Nina. I can't wait to come back! I might just have to pass on the rope swing next time. ;)


  1. Looks like you had a great time (broken finger and all) your photos make Texas seem a lot more lush than I imagine it to be in my head.

    1. It was way greener than I imagined it too! I loved it!

  2. all the water places look so beautiful but that first one!!!! i love it.
    reminds me when i went to El Salvador when i was 5 or 6.
    ...except of course they have no lifeguards there......and your basically swimming with fish that pick your feet.

    i love this post!
    and hey, that finger will always be a constant reminder of how much fun you really had!

    1. Thanks, Les! It was definitely a lot of fun. The swimming was my favorite!