Easter Round-Up

Easter is just around the corner. Here are a few of my favorite DIY and recipe ideas to help you get ready!

Wall Hanging

I recently moved into a new apartment and have been looking for interesting ways to decorate the walls. I came across this project from I Spy DIY and fell in love. As you can see, I didn't even change the colors. It's a really simple project but takes a little bit of time. It's definitely worth the effort though. It looks great above the couch. I'll be sharing an apartment tour soon!


1.) A visit to Amoeba in LA.
2.) My new giant plush s'more via Heidi Kenney. Check out her website here.
3.) Finally got to visit Roseanne's star!
4.) PaleyFest Comedy Central day including Abbi from Broad City, Key & Peele, Nick Kroll, Andy Daly, and Blake, Adam, Anders and Kyle from Workaholics.
5.) Golden Girls ready to ship.
6.) A Monday afternoon trip to the post office.

Taking a Short Break

I put the shop on vacation mode so I can get caught up and get some sleep. I'm so grateful for all of the orders but I'm also completely exhausted. I work full time and come home and work on orders until I go to bed every night. My most popular item is the set of Golden Girls candles and they take me a while to make, so my new plan is to make them ahead of time and list only what I have available. Everything else will be made to order. Thank you to everyone who has purchased from me! I'll be back up and running very soon.